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Electrical Lighting!!

We do not offer any internet sales at the moment


300 watt halogen $1.29


500W Halogen Work Light 16.99

Blacklight fixture 24 inch 20 watt bulb $29.99

Blacklight fixture 48 inch bulb included $39.99

bulb halogen 20W/T3-G4/12V/2000H $1.19

Bulb Halogen Flood 50w Par20 Long Life $2.99


Fan Bulb 16w 2pk. Dimmable Warm White 4.99

Flood Bulb Dimmable LED 13W 3000K Warm White Sun & Stars 7.99

Flood Bulb Dimmable LED 13W 4000K Cool White Sun & Stars 7.99

Floodlight 35W 300 Lumens Ledlife 3.99

Floodlight indoor BR30 65W $1.99

Floodlight LED 20W Soft White Ledmax 4.99

Floodlight Par 20 35W Soft White 280 Lumens Ledlife 3.99

Floodlight Twin Sensor Light Black Challenger 12.99

Floodlight Twin Sensor Light White Challenger 12.99

Halogen bulb GU-10 50 watt 120 volt 1.99

Halogen bulb MR16 20W 12V 3000H $1.29

Halogen bulb MR16 50W 12V 3000H $1.29

Halogen light 100W T3 78mm $1.29

Led light set 50 leds on ultra thin flexible wire 6.99

Light Bulb 100W (23W) CFL 2pk. Soft White Globe 3 for $9.99 3.99

Light Bulb 150W (40W) CFL Soft White Globe 2.99

Light Bulb 40W (9W) 4pk. CFL Cool White Globe 6.99

Light Bulb 40W 2pk. Cool White Compact Fluorescent $3.99

Light Bulb 40W 2pk. Soft White General Household $3.99

Light Bulb 50W Soft White Fully Dimmable $3.99

Light Bulb 60W 2pk. Cool White $3.99

Light Bulb 60W 2pk. Soft White General Household $3.99

Light Bulb 6W LED 4pk. Soft White $7.99

Light Bulb 75W=15W Dimmable LED Philips $7.99

Light Bulb 9W=40W 3pk. Energy Saver Soft White Do It 6.99

Light Bulb Changing Kit Large Basket w/Suction Cup $6.99

Light bulb clear 100 watt 2 pack $0.99

Light Bulb Cob Two Modes Magnetic Base No Wiring 8.99

Light Bulb LED 15,5w Dimmable Samsung Br40 4.99

Light Bulb LED 15w Dimmable Samsung Par30 4.99

Light Bulb LED 15w Dimmable Samsung Par30 Ln 4.99

Light Bulb LED 7w Dimmable Samsung Mr16 4.99

Light bulb soft white 60 watt 2 pack $0.99

Light Control Dusk-To-Dawn Single Outlet 300W Max Westek 4.99

Light Control Outdoor Smart 100W Max Westek $5.99

Light Control Stem Mount Outdoor Wire-In Westek 2.99

Light Cordless Cob Switch 7.99

Light Fixture 16W Fluorescent Ultra Slim Connectable Aura $8.99

Light Florescent 12" Battery Operated 6.99

Lightbulb Trilight 50/100/150 Soft White 4.99

Luminus 25w Chand Med Base . clr 12x2 $0.99

Luminus 25w Chand Sm Base. clr 12x2 $0.99

Luminus 40w Chand Med Base clr 12x2 $0.99

Luminus 40w Chand Sm Base. clr 12x2 $0.99

Magnifier Swing Arm Lamp With Mounting Clamp $24.99

Magnifier Swing Arm Lamp With Mounting Clamp $24.99

Magnifying lamp circular flourescent bulb $34.95

Magnifying swing arm lamp $59.99

Night Light 1.19

Night Light & USB Charging Station 2.1A G.E. $7.99

Night Light Auto On/Off 1.99

Night Light LED 2pk. Automatic G.E. $4.99

Night Light LED 7 changeable colours 2.29

Night Light LED Winnie The Pooh Automatic $1.99

Night light replacement bulbs 7 watts 4 pack clear 1.19

Nightlight USB charger 1 amp - auto light feature 4.99

nightlight with 4 watt bulb - marine/goal cage look $1.19

RCA 1W LED night light bulbs replace regular 7W incandescent bulbs. 20 Lumens clear 2 pack 3.99

Spiral Bulbs 23 Watt 2pk CCFL =100wt $7.95

Strip Light LED Multi Colour w/Remote Nortech 49.99

Tap Light Daylight LED Bronze Trim 4.99

Timer Auto Shut 60 Minutes Indoor In Wall G.E. $6.99

Timer Electronic Countdown Indoor Westek $8.99

Timer Indoor Countdown 30 Minute Westek $3.99

Timer Indoor Countdown 60 Minute Westek 3.99

Timer Mechanical Wall Switch Indoor 1875W Max Westek 5.99

Timer Outdoor 2 Outlet Photocell w/Remote Westek $12.99

Timer Outdoor 3 Outlet Light Sensing Westek $9.99

Timer System Wireless Indoor Plug-In Sunsmart 19.99

Timer Tabletop Countdown Indoor 1000W Westek $5.99

Traffic Light Round LED Assorted G.E. $19.99