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New Items from the last 2 Weeks!

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Action-1 21" 2-in-1 Plunger Varnished Handle 2.99

Air Duster 10 oz compressed air 5.99

Air mattress double comfort green 54x75x8.5 inch 137x191x22cm 29.99

Air mattress single comfort green 30x73x8.5 inch 76x185x22cm 19.99

Anchor Point Eyebolt Rust Resistant Reese Secure 3.99

Ball Squishy Mesh 1.49

Bodico, Seamless Nipple Cover Self-Adhesive & Reusable,2 col. 2.79

Boxer Briefs Men's Large 4pk. Hang Ten 12.99

Boxer Briefs Men's Medium 4pk. Hang Ten 12.99

Boxer Briefs Men's Small 4pk. Hang Ten 12.99

Boxer Briefs Men's XL 4pk. Hang Ten 12.99

Cadbury Fingers 228g. (b.b 09/01/19) 4.99

Canopy Ties 8pk In Plastic Jar Adjustable $4.99

Cap Baseball Dope 9.99

Cap Baseball High Life 420 9.99

Car Seat Cover Black Universal Dickies 16.99

Certificate Holder Stand 8.5"x11" Clear Uniek 1.19

Chalk White For Chalk Line 8oz Dewalt $4.99

Chocolate Bars 25pk. Fun Size Twix, Snickers, M&m's (b.b 05/2019) 2.99

Chocolates 198g. Swiss Dark Chocolate Irresistibles (b.b 03/25/19) 2.99

Chocolates 198g. Swiss Milk Chocolate Irresistibles (b.b 03/25/19) 2.99

Collar/leash Designer Asst Dog $6.99

Coloring Book Winter Dreams w/Pencil Crayons & DVD Colorcalm 7.99

Corkscrew Heavy Duty W/rubber Base Bonny 4.99

Cover Steering Wheel Black Bandana Pattern Custom Grip EZ Stretch 6.99

Cover Steering Wheel Black Custom Grip Leather 6.99

Cover Steering Wheel White/Chrome Custom Grip EZ Stretch 6.99

Curling Iron Ceramic Cordless Rechargeable Red 19.99

De-Icer Prestone 11oz. 2pk. Or B/U $4.99ea. (Needs Labels) 8.99

Deodorant Secret Ladies Chill Ocean 45g. 2.99

Dry Erase Board Magnetic 17"x23" Silver/Black Frame Quartet $12.99

DVD Player Compact Capello 90d Warr. Refurb. 19.99

End Nipper 6.5" Dewalt 9.99

Flat Iron Ceramic Cordless Rechargeable Pink 19.99

Glove Multi-task Grip Orange 15pk. Large 14.99

Gloves Work Flourescent Orange PVC Foam Knit Wrist 3.99

Gourmet 2.0 Clever Coffee Capsule 2-Pc. Pk. 5.99

Gourmet 3-Pc. Tongs Set 6"/9"/12" 3.99

Gourmet 4-pc. S/S Measuring Spoon Set 3.99

Gourmet 6-Pc. Fondue Forks , Stainless 4.99

Gourmet 8" S/S Bread Knife w/ Non-Slip Handle 2.89

Gourmet 9.5" Ice Cream Scoop Zinc Alloy 8.99

Gourmet 9.5" Kitchen Shears 2.89

Gourmet 9.7Dlx. S/S 3- Teeth Fork 2.79

Gourmet Avocado All-in-One Tool 2.49

Gourmet Can and Bottle Opener w/PP Handle 4.99

Gourmet Can Opener 2.19

Gourmet Deluxe Can Opener ,21x6cm. 3 col. 3.99

Gourmet Nut & Seafood Cracker 3.49

Gourmet Set/6 Turkey Lacer Pins 0.99

Gourmet Turkey Lifter Fork 2.89

Gourmet Turley Baster w/Brush 2 colours 2.99

Hand Sander Stanley 6.99

Haute Cuisine 2 pc. Grapefruit Spoons ,Stainless steel 0.88

Heat Shrink Tubing, HST, Dual Wall, Glue, 1/8in 4ft (3.2MM-1.22M) Black $1.50

Hex Key Set 9pc Triangle Stanley $7.99

Home Essentials 2-Pc. 180ml. Spray Bottle 2 Asst. 2.49

Hot Oil Strengthening 14mL 3pk. Hair Treatment Alberto VO5 2.99

Journal Debossed Leatherette 160pgs. Whale Blue C.R. Gibson 3.99

Journal Hard Cover 160pg Ring Bound Emerald Notes C.r. Gibson $4.99

Journal Hard Cover 224pgs. Black Dapper Deco C.R. Gibson 3.99

Journal Hard Cover 224pgs. Black w/Glasses C.R. Gibson 3.99

Journal Hard Cover 224pgs. Copper Deco C.R. Gibson 3.99

Journal Hard Cover 224pgs. Grey Stripe C.R. Gibson 3.99

Journal Hard Cover 224pgs. Red Believe C.R. Gibson 3.99

Journal Hardcover 224pgs. Brown #goals C.R. Gibson 3.99

Journal Leatherette 192pg Pink C.r. Gibson $2.49

Knife Fillet 7.5" w/Sheath Shimano 12.99

L.G.Adjustable Wide Cheese Cutter, 2-12mm. Aluminum 3.99

Landscape Adhesive Block & Stone 296mL Liquid Nails 2.99

Lightning Dock & Radio Blackweb 90d Warr. Refurb 19.99

Luciano 2-pc. Magnetic Snip-A-Bag 0.99

Luciano 2-Pc. Reversible Egg Ring, Silicone ,2 colours 3.49

Luciano 2-Pc. Silicone Spatula 3 Colours 1.89

Luciano 2-Pc.Orange Peeler 0.88

Luciano Can Opener 2.49

Luciano EZ Pop-Out Ice Cube Tray, 2 Colours 1.79

Luciano Mini Dial Kitchen Scale ,Max Weight Capacity 500g. 2.89

Luciano Pastry Wheel 2.29

Luciano Reusable Coffee Filter Cone Shape 1.49

Luciano Reusable Coffee Filter Flat Shape 1.19

Luciano Stainless Steel Jar Tongs 11.5"L. 1.29

Luminus Basix LED BR30 800 Lumen 3.99


Marker Permanent 4pk. Ass't Colours Sharpie 3.99

Mat Coir 18"x30" Stripes $8.99

Measuring Tru-laser 30m Laser Class:2 Stanley $49.99

Microwave Oven 1000W Premium Samsung 79.99

Microwave Oven 900W 0.9cu ft Hamilton Beach 49.99

Mini Bowling 10 Pin 13pc. Set Play Day 7.99

Mitre Box Yellow Stanley $12.99

Mittens-CDA Knitted Acrylic 7.99

Mug Coffee Ceramic Hockey Trivia Ass't 1.79

Net Cargo Bungee Motorcycle Reese Power Sports Extreme 6.99

Nut and Bolt assortment 150 pcs 2.49

Ornaments Disney Ass't Figures Or 3/$19.99 $6.99

Paint Spray Automotive Bumper Coating Ass't 311g. Duplic Color $4.99

Paint Spray Automotive Custom Wrap Carbon Black 311g. Dupli Color $4.99

Paint Spray Automotive Spatter Paint 312g. Ass't Dupli Colour $4.99

Paint Spray Automotive Trim Paint Black 311g. Dupli Color $4.99

Paint Spray Automotive Vinyl & Fabric Gloss Black 311g. Dupli Color $4.99

Paint Spray Gloss Clear Coat 312g. Dupli-Color 4.99

Paint Spray Nickel Brushed Metallic 312g. Krylon 4.99

Pants Camo Fleece Lined Ass't Sizes $19.99

Pants Wrangler Insulated Asst Camo $19.99

Pens Papermate 10pk. Inkjoy Blk. 2.99

Phone 1 Corded/2 Handset Cordless Vtech 90d Warr. Refurb $39.99

Phone Cordless 2 Handset Vtech 90d Warr. Refurb 29.99

Phone Cordless w/Ear Piece & Ans Mach. Motorola 90d Warr. Refurb. 29.99

Phone Jazz 90d Warr. Refurb 14.99

Picture Frame 14"x18" Gold Plastic Jaclyn Smith 12.99

Picture Frame 4" X 6" Silver Metal Avina $4.99

Plaque Glass Bar Art Asst $4.99

Puzzle Asst $8.99

Puzzle Railways 1000pc Train Hold Up W/bonus Puzzle Ted Blaylock $8.99

Ratchet Kit 4pc. Flexible Husky 19.99

Razor Women's Schick Intuition 4 Blades Sensitive Care 2 Cartridges 7.99

Rope 550 Nylon Paracord Red 50' X 5/32" 110lbs. Secureline 2.99

Scarf-CDA Knitted Flag 7.99

Scarf-CDA Knitted Maple Leaf $7.99

Screw hook assortment 50 pcs 2.49

Screwdriver Philips 6" 2pt Fatmax Stanley $2.99

Seasoning Spray Butter Flavour 454g. White Cap 2.49

Shampoo Triple Nutrition 384mL Garnier Fructis 2.99

Shave Gel Ice Effect 150mL Sensitive Skin L'oreal Men Expert 3.49

Shot Spinner Fun Party Game 6.99

Sign Metal Beer Ass't 9.99

Sign Metal Tractor Ass't 9.99

Slime Zombie Asst $1.49

Socket Set 60pcSAE/METRIC 1/4 3/8. Husky 29.99

Socket Set 90pc Husky $69.99

Soundbar 30" w/Built-In Subwoofer Live 90d Warr. Refurb $59.99

Soundbar w/Subwoofer 2.1 Wireless Technology Sanyo 90d Warr. Refurb $99.99

Speaker Mini Bluetooth New Cobra 14.99

Speaker Portable Wireless Bluetooth Philps 90d Warr. Refurb. 19.99

Speakers PC Multi-Media Blackweb 90d Warr. Refurb. 19.99

Spiking Glue 25mL Ultimate Hold Deadlock Old Spice 0.79

T-Shirt Men's White 3pk. Large 9.99

T-Shirt Men's White 3pk. Medium 9.99

T-Shirt Men's White 3pk. XL 9.99

T-Shirt Men's White 3pk. XXL 9.99

Tactical pack milspex golani - grey 49.99

Tape Duct 1.88" x 60yds. Brown Prof. Grade Duck 4.99

Tape Flexible 3"x15' Black Waterproof 7.99

Tape Packing 1.88" X 12yd Hp260 Duck 1.79

Tape Packing 38.2yds. Scotch 3.99

Tape Repair 60ft Clear All Weather Duck 2.99

Tarp Clips 4pk. All Purpose Heavy Duty Reese Secure 1.99

Thermostat Universal Multi-Stage 80 Series White-Rodgers $24.99

Ties Canopy 12pk. 10" In Plastic Jar 4.99

Tippmann Basic Training Carbine RIS Airsoft Combo + 9.6v/charger $189.99

Tippmann TMC (Black) $279.99

Toque-CDA Knitted 'Logo' emblem - Black 4.99

Toque-CDA Knitted 'Logo' emblem - Red 4.99

Toque-Marijuana Leaf emblem - Black 4.99

Walking Stick 3 Section Telescopic Adjustable Aluminum W/rubber Grip 9.99

Wheel Of Shots Drinking Game 6.99

Work Shirt Large Long Sleeve Orange Polyester $14.99