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New Items from the last 2 Weeks!

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Activity Pad Carry Along Superhero Squad 1.49

Air freshener Carribean Colada little tree for car 0.99

Air freshener Cherry Blossom Honey little tree for car 0.99

Air freshener Cinna-berry little tree for car 0.99

Air freshener Green Apple little tree for car 0.99

Air freshener Jasmin little tree for car 0.99

Air freshener Lavender little tree for car 0.99

Air freshener Margarita little tree for car 0.99

Air freshener Ocean Mist little tree for car 0.99

Air freshener Passion little tree for car 0.99

Air freshener Rainforest Mist little tree for car 0.99

Air freshener Relax little tree for car 0.99

Air freshener Strawberry little tree for car 0.99

Ammo Box Locking Hardware Kit Mil-spec 6.99

Bag Fabric Woven Procurity's Encounter Or 4/$0.99 0.29

Bar Set Thirst Aid Kit 5pcs. In Tin Case 14.99

Bath Towel 30"x56" Ass't Colours Royal Bliss 8.99

Beach Mat Woven 19"x57" Ass't Colours 1.99

Book Kids Asst' Animals Random Facts Hardcover 4.99

Broom Angle Slight Seconds Green/Grey $1.99

Brush Pet Rubber Slicker W/comb Le Salon Signature $6.99

Bungee Cord 48" 4pk. Super Strong Yellow Smart Straps 6.99

Business Card Holder 4 Tier Clear Acrylic 2.99

Card Game Star Wars Imperial Power Up Pack 4.99

Cat Toy Asst Fish w/Catnip Inside Natural Instincts Afp 2.99

Choke Chain 14" Small Dog Pet Tether 1.99

Cleaner Countertop 24oz. Unscented Ecosential *NEEDS LABELS* 1.99

Cleaning Brush All Purpose HDX 3.99

Clock Radio Black Big Display AM/FM Tuning Philips 19.99

Cloth Microfiber 15pk. XL Cleaning 12.99

Cloth Microfiber 7pk. Interior/Exterior Aqua/Silver 7.99

Cloth Suede 3pk. Yellow 14"x14" Auto Matics 1.99

Collar Cat 8" - 13" Adjustable Nylon Snag Proof Catit 3.99

Container Food Storage 7pc. Set Clear w/Blue Lids 2.99

Countertop Polish 454g. Rockitoil Stone *Needs Labels* $1.99

Deodorant cotton soft 150ml anti-perspirant 3.99

Deodorant go cucumber 150ml anti-perspirant 3.99

Deodorant go fresh grapefruit 150ml anti-perspirant 3.99

Deodorant go fresh pomegranate and lemon verbena 150ml anti-perspirant 3.99

Deodorant natural touch 150ml anti-perspirant 3.99

Deodorant pure unscented 150ml anti-perspirant 3.99

Deodorant sensitive shield dove for men 150ml anti-perspirant 3.99

Deodorant silver control dove for men 150ml anti-perspirant 3.99

Deodorant Spray 150mL Champion Old Spice *Needs Labels* 2.99

Deodorant Spray 150mL Fresh Old Spice *Needs Labels* 2.99

Deodorant Spray 150mL Glory Time Old Spice *Needs Labels* 2.99

Deodorant Spray 150mL Pure Sport Old Spice 2.99

Detail Towel Microfiber 2pk. 2 In 1 15"x25" Platinum Series 5.99

Detergent Laundry 1.34kg 67 Pods Hd Oxiclean 9.99

Dice Game The Walking Dead Don't Look Back AMC 12.99

Dishwashing Liquid Fresh Sparkle Old Dutch 740ml 1.99

Dishwashing Liquid green apple Old Dutch 740ml 1.99

Disinfecting Wipes 160pk. Hard Surface Broad Spectrum Strivex 7.99

Dog Toy Ballistic Candy W/squeeker Asst' Colours Afp 7.99

Dog Toy Bear Toy W/ Squeeker Dogit 4.99

Dog Toy Flying Shark Zingers Afp 7.99

Dog Toy Flying Skunk Zingers Afp 7.99

Dog Toy Hippo w/Squeaker Dogit 3.99

Dog Toy Worm In Apple W/ Squeeker Luvz 2.99

Dry Erase Board 3D 8.5"x11" Ass't Colours 1.99

Dry Erase Combo Center Magnetic Monthly 18"x20"x3.5" Note It! 19.99

Dryer Sheep 2pk. Wool Dryer Balls 7.99

Extension cord 14/3 6 foot 1.8m for air conditioner 4.99

Extension cord 14/3 9 foot 2.7m for air conditioner 6.99

Fidget Spinner with LEDs 6.99

Frying pan 10 inch kitchenaid 15.99

Frying pan 12.5 inch farberware 17.99

Frying Pan Mini 5" Square Ass't Colours 3.99

Frying Pan Mini 5.5" Round Ass't Colours 3.99

Fuel Enhancer 207ml Compatible For Gm & Gmc Vehicles Flex Fuel 2.99

Gauge Grip Digital Pistol 12.99

Glass Towels Microfiber 2pk. 14.75"x14.75" Green Squeegee Clean 3.99

Glove Impact Protection 3xl Asst' Boss/cat 9.99

Glove Impact Protection Medium Flourescent Orange/black Boss 9.99

Glove Work Ladies Ass't 4.99

Glove Work Leather & Mesh Black/gray Large Handcrew 4.99

Gloves Impact Protection 2xl Orange/black Cat 9.99

Gloves Impact Protection Large Flourescent Orange Boss 9.99

Gloves Impact Protection XL Flourescent Orange/black Boss 9.99

Glue Repair 17mL Repair Extreme All Temperatures Loctite $0.99

Hair Trimmer Wet/Dry 1mm-10mm Panasonic 39.99

Highlighter Sharpie 27pk. Ass't Colours Or B/u $0.49ea 12.99

Hot dog pie cooker cast iron 18.99

Keychain Asst' Bands Etc. $1.49

Keychain Spinner Asst' Bands 1.99

Kleenex Ultra Soft 10 pack Pocket 2.79

Lantern Flying Mystical Maple Leaf Or 20/$49.99 $2.99

Laundry detergent morning breeze Old Dutch liquid 50 load 2L he 3.49

Laundry detergent summer fresh Old Dutch liquid 50 load 2L he 3.49

Light Bulb 3 Way 50/100/150W Soft White 1.79

Light Work 60 Led W/built In 9 Led Flashlight 19.99

Magnet Square Asst' Bands 1.49

Markers Sharpie 23pk. Ass't Special Edition 19.99

Markers Sharpie 2pk. Pink Fine 1.99

Mat 14"x22" Totally Green Ass't $1.49

Mat Foam 18"x30" Olives D├ęcor 6.99

Mat Outdoor 36"x48" Brown Misua $12.99

Mat Yoga Foam 24" X 72 X 3/4" $29.99

Microwave Panasonic 1.2-1.3cu. Ft White 1100-1200watt $99.99

Mighty Wegde 3pk. Soft Clear Or 4/$0.99 0.79

Motor 12 VDC hobby electric made in Japan mmu-5b2lnl 1.99

Motorcycle Cleaner 473mL Formula 1 High Performance 4.99

Mouth Wash 500ml Crest Scope 3.99

Nail Clipper Cat w/Safety Light Le Salon Signature 9.99

Napkins renova 1 ply 220 pack 3.99

Paint Spray Caribbean Blue Gloss 340g. 4.99

Paint Spray Chestnut Brown 340g. 4.99

Paint Spray Yellow Anti Rust 300g. Prograde 4.99

Paint Tray 11" Recyclable 1.49

Paper towels blue renova 120 sheet 2.99

Paper towels design renova 120 sheet 2.99

Paper towels fushia renova 120 sheet 2.99

Paper towels white renova 120 sheet 2.99

Pen Gel 207 6pk. Black Uni-ball 6.99

Pen Gel 307 8pk. Ass't Colours Comfort Grip Uni-ball 7.99

Pen Rollerball Air 2pk. Black Uni-ball 3.99

Pen Rollerball Air 2pk. Blue Uni-ball 3.99

Phone Cordless w/Answering Machine Careline Large Buttons Vtech 29.99

Pins Band Emblems Asst' 1.49

Post-it Notes 2.9" X 2.8" Asst'd Colours 1.29

Pot Hole Filler Asphalt 15kg. Epoxy Shield Rust-oleum 9.99

Pullover Shirt Ping Ass't 19.99

Rawhide Sticks 5pk 10" For Dogs 7.99

Razor Women's Schick Hydro Silk 5 Blades 3.99

Safety Treads 6"x24" w/Grit Or 6/$9.99 1.99

Salt Lamp Stone Carved Ass't 110V Plugin 29.99

Sandpaper 220 grit very fine 3 sheets 9x11 inch 3.49

Screwdriver #2 phillips 6 inch 2.99

Seat Tool Nylon Pink Propouch 9.99

Shampoo Tresemme Keratin Smooth 946mL 4.99

Shaver Men's Rechargeable 3-Blade Wet/Dry Panasonic 59.99

Shaving Gel 198g Asst' Display Edge 2.79

Shorts Men's Asst'd Sizes $19.99

Skipping Rope Double Dutch 2x14' Ass't Colours 4.99

Slime Arctic Slime In Tube Wild Republic 1.79

Slime Prehistoric Plasma In Tube Wild Republic 1.79

Slime Rainforest Goo In Tube Wild Republic 1.79

Slime Volcanic Gunk In Tube Wild Republic 1.79

Sock Ladies No Show Black 9-11 0.99

Socks Ladies 10pk. Low Cut Asst'd Colours On Heel & Toe 4.99

Socks Ladies 10pk. Low Cut Grey/Black/White *Tear Off 2/$10.00 Sticker* 4.99

Socks Ladies No-show White 9-11 Prospirt 0.99

Solar Light 2 Birds On A Log 12.99

Speaker Portable DJ 30WRMS FM/SD/Bluetooth w/Mic & Remote Rechargeable Kross 99.99

Speaker Portable Round Black Or White Bluetooth Phillips 19.99

Speaker System 70W Bluetooth Philips $119.99

Strap Storage 36" Holds 200lbs Secureline 4.99

Stud Finder Magnetic Self Marking $1.99

Suntan Lotion Spray 142g 60spf Ombrelle Garnier 8.99

Surge Protector 6 Outlet 3' Cord Asst'd Colours Woods 9.99

Tape Hurricane 1"x60' 3.99

Tire & Trim Care 236mL Cyclo Absolute 2.99

Tool Pouch 6 Pocket Brown/Green Propouch 1.99

Toothbrush 2pk. Ass't Colours 5 Way Clean Complete Oral-B 4.99

Toothpaste 3D White 116g. Foaming Clean Crest 2.99

Toothpaste Crest 4.2oz. Fruit Burst Dora 1.99

Umbrella London Mist Asst'd 7.99

Urine Buster 500mL Cat All-Purpose Bust-It $3.99

USB to micro usb 2.0 1.8 metre philips 3.99

Vaseline Aloe Vera lip theory 20g metal container petroleum jelly 1.99

Vaseline Cocoa Butter lip theory 20g metal container petroleum jelly 1.99

Vaseline Original lip theory 20g metal container petroleum jelly 1.99

Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly 7g. 0.89

Vaseline Rosy Lips lip theory 20g metal container petroleum jelly 1.99

Wash Brush XL Flow-Thru Soft Bristles 14.99

Wind Wobbler Fat Birds 19.99

Wipes Sanitizing 240pk. Alcohol Free Prevent 6.99

Wire connector marrettes jar of 100 orange 4.99